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Requiem Vampire Knight - The Game
Autor Wiadomość

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Skąd: Kielce

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Wysłany: 2012-11-05, 15:21   Requiem Vampire Knight - The Game

Powstaje nowa gra karciana, na podstawie komiksu Requiem: Vampire Knight, ma w sobie łączyć założenia najpopularniejszych gier karcianych, z ,,czymś" zupełnie nowym, wkrótce okaże się czy owo coś jest. Dla zainteresowanych, anglojęzyczny opis i trochę grafik.

Do you know the comic book Requiem vampire knight?
If you don't, I suggest you go directly to your favourite book store and look for it!

Otherwise, welcome to Resurrection!
On this evil twin of Earth, the worst criminals are reborn as bloodthirsty monsters.
According to the rules of karma, they will be Vampires, Ghouls, Zombies, Werewolves, Distopians, Lemurians ...
Here they grow younger from the age they were at death, back to childhood, foetal stage and then disappearance.
Here war is eternal, waged for a little more power, wealth, pleasure, revenge...


For over 10 years, Olivier Ledroit (a French illustrator) has been developing the infernal, gothic universe created by Patt Mills (an English author).
Thousands of magnificent illustrations give life to those characters!
Based on this universe, we (KiniGame) created a game of battle, development and conquest on a randomly set-up board.
The 1st Set (March 2013) will pit the Resurrectionnist Vampires vs Pirate Ghouls!
The 2nd Set (a few months later) will centre on the Lemurians vs the Hell Fire Club; then it will be Distopians vs Archeologists and, of course, champions and expansions for each faction.

The goal of the game?
Lead your faction, tap territories that separate you from your opponent to improve your armies and reach one of its capitals, or destroy all his armies in the same turn!
The contents of each box of Requiem Vampire Knight allow 2 players to play: 2 factions, their cards and tokens. With 2 boxes (identical or not) 4 people can play.
A match takes 20 minutes.

Simple, yes, but not simplistic!
If you already know the comic, you will not be surprised to see that the game targets a sufficiently mature public: 14 years old or over.
This doesn't reflect any particular complexity. In fact, after you've tried the introductory rules once, everything is quite simple! Here is the stroke of genius: You don't need to have a lot of equipment or know tons of rules to play !
The board is generated with random cards each time, so you'll have to adapt your strategy...
With its great strategic depth and high re-playability, Requiem vampire knight will offer a new gaming experience with every match.

“We learn from failure, not from success!”
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